Products: high precision

The production plant in Rovato (Brescia) Italy, is equipped with more than 25 fully automatic sliding headstock lathes operated by highly skilled workers for the turning of brass, free-cutting steel, stainless steel, aluminium and unleaded brass (80PPM) to customer drawing, with diameters of 0.5 mm to 13 mm.
The target sectors are:

  • automotive
  • pneumatic
  • plumbing, sanitary and related components
  • faucets
  • gas pipe fittings
  • cardboard and paper technology
  • household items
  • valves
  • electrics and electronics
  • pipe fittings
  • hunting and fishing
  • small items for fashion accessories>

Production is extremely flexible to meet all possibile customer requirements. Extensive know-how, cutting-edge technology, qualified personnel and prompt reaction to market demand have enabled MINUTERIE EREDI BAITELLI to stand out in the domestic and international markets as a reliable supplier of products and services featuring affordable prices and superior quality.